Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oh Holiday Joy!

The joys of the holiday season are upon us and well...I haven't done anything! Okay, okay, so I have completed content edits on Twin Flames: Soul Memory and have started the line edits, but that's about it. I haven't even begun my shopping list. For baking OR the presents to be getting. Now what does that tell you about me? No, I'm actually not a procrastinator, although it would look that way, huh? I guess I'm more of a 'waiting for the weather' sort of holiday shopper. Yeah, I know, that's not a good thing. However, living in the back forty of Wyoming, there should be snow covering the ground and putting me in the season. That's not the case and it seems to be this is the new norm. BTW, I'm not a fan!


Writing that. *smirk* I have ideas fluttering around in my head and making themselves known for short periods of time the snow covering the ground for a day...they vanish without a trace. Leaving me to wonder if the thread will reappear and I'll have a product ready for submission soon after. For the most part, I've been working on Immortal Divides and adding to Nickolai's POV and popping in Tarrinaysa's every so often when the mood strikes me...or rather her. *frown* She's a deity that won't do what I need her to when I want her too. Between her and Nickolai I won't get their books written out. They are so freakin' stubborn! Grrrr! I know, I know, I'm the creator and that makes me their boss. However, if you're a writer then you know what I'm talking about. It doesn't matter if you created them or not, they are the boss and they do what they will when they want and you can't stop them. Oh joy of joys! However, I will say I have moved along smoothly when the idea is a short one and won't last longer then just a handful of pages. I have a couple that are wonderful ideas for the Twin Flames series, but we'll have to wait and see on that front.


And finally, my posting blog posts more timely. Yes, yes I know. Fail! I am working on it through. If I try to post twice in a month I think I'll be doing good. So let's see what happens next month. And if I pass then you have to share your cookies, because I'll have worked for them. Right?

Alrighty, ya'll have a great rest of November and I'll catch you in a couple of days. You know December is right around the corner (which for some means the end of the world, LOL) and that's when I plan to post twice here. Any betters that I'll make it? Let me know.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Playing Catch Up...Again

Since my last post, Twin Flames: Soul Bound was released through Muse It Up Publishing (July 27th) and Twin Flames: Soul Memory was contracted through Muse It Up Publishing (August 3rd). I think it's safe to say I'm on a feakin' high! *laugh* No, not on drugs...just on life itself. Which is all natural. I won't put up the tentative/projected release date as things could change between now and then, however, I will state this...I'm going to be massively busy over the next few months with work! While editing and everything else that goes along with publishing a piece of work, I plan to make more of an effort to get Twin Flames: Soul Destiny completed. I have big plans and things seem to be going along with what those are. A good thing, right? *smile*

As for plans past those stated above? Nope, haven't given it much thought. I do have Twin Flames: Soul Damned in the works as well as Cat's Heart and a few other untitlted ones. The one thing I will be doing is bouncing around and whatever catches my attention that's what I'll be working on. *grin*

So, that's what my recent life has been like. I have a couple spots where I'll be guest posting and doing interviews for Twin Flames: Soul Bound. For a single second I wondered what a complete stranger thought of the ebook. Then I asked myself, did it really matter? Not that I don't care, I do, honest. It's more of if the first person to post about Twin Flames: Soul Bound didn't like it and got nasty about my work and writing (as we all know, people LOVE posting under anything but their own names) it would hurt. I decided to focus on my writing and not completely on what's said about the book. Because I know for every one person who hates it or gets nasty there are just as many (if not more) that love it and gush all about it. It's a give and take, a 50/50 crap shot. I'll look at the positive and leave the negative where it belongs. Nowhere near me. :)


Friday, July 13, 2012

July Workings

I'm really horrible at posting regularly, I am working on that though. *smile* As this will attest, I have made an attempt.

July...the wonderful month where summer is in full swing and the heat -recently- has been taken from Hades and Hell themselves respectively. *smirk* I know I'm taking cold showers ofter...and it has nothing to do with the heat level that I'm wirting either, which sucks by the way.

Rewriting...that's what July has been for me. I'm completely rewriting an old piece of work and hoping to get it ready for clean up/critique by the end of the summer. At the earilest. It's the introduction of my Calanthian Hybrids. If Twin Flames: Soul Memory gets picked up and I can finish Soul Destiny, you'll get an introduction to Calanthia and those who dwell there. It's called Cat's Heart and as of right this moment I've reached chapter 6, but I am writing chapter 7...yeah, it's gained a chapter, whoc knew that could happen? I sure didn't think it would. *chuckle* As for the characters? Nastassiya 'Stasya' Lyons-Windcrest my heroine is a royale hybrid who continues to hold her family's vow of protection, even when there are those who want to see her dead. Horace 'Race' Silverthorne (a cousin of Jairo Silverthorne, from Twin Flames: Soul Bound) is my hero and a wonder to create. He's a Hybrid who didn't know he could change forms. He is also the Twin Flame of Stasya. As I said, this is the introduction to my Hybrids so it's also a more in depth intro to Twin Flames. Hope things keep moving along as they are now. Because I am so lovin' this!!

You all have a wonderful weekend. I know I am, I'm heading back into the writers den to see what more I can accomplish...before the heat gets worse! Have a great one. :)


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oh boy!! Have Seen Cover Art

I figured, since I bugged an author friend of mine about blogging and keeping in touch with the masses, I had beeter make good on my words. *smirk* So here I am. Typing away here instead of writing away on Gunnar and Raven's story. *sigh* Choices that have to be made. I'll jot a little here then pop back into writer mode and get another scene out before heading to bed...last as usual. *grin*

Alrighty then...Monday I got the cover art for Twin Flames: Soul Bound! Talk about an excitement!! I hopped between being teary eyed and giggling like a school girl. I just didn't know what to do and wanted to do it all at once. *laugh* Yep, that's the emotional roller coaster called an author's life. Either we're throwing things and fits, because our lovely characters aren't doing what we -as their creators- want them to, or we're laughing and crying because all our hard work and long hours absent from society has finally paid off with a coveted contract with a publishing house. Even now, my heart is running faster than I know it should -safely that is- and I feel...well, extremely bouncy. And for me that's sayin' something. Cause I just don't do bouncy. Unless of course there's a trampolin and alcohol involved. Thank God there aren't too many people out there who remember that event!

Anywho...Release date is July 27th and the pre-order option is up at Muse It Up book store, there will now be a cover that I might add is extremely AWESOME!! Of course, it's my first but I can't help but be excited about people seeing it. Lex Valentine did a great job. *happy sigh*

Okay, okay, enough of the mushy mush. *grin* I have got to get back to writing or there won't be a follow up. Ya'll have a great rest of the week and an awesome weekend. Enjoy the summer holidays and wonderful weather. But please, as a person who lives in the western states, refrain from using flamables. We already have too many fires. Please, use caution. :)


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Current Workings

So, I've been rather busy recently with some old friends of mine. And by old I mean the reasons behind the Twin Flames series. Yeah, right? I agree! *laugh* You see, Nickolai and Tarrinaysa are the bane of my writing existence these days. One day they are willing to work with me and other days...well, not so much. I've pretty much learned to leave them alone until they start clamoring for my attention. When that happens I start jotting things down and eventually hammer out a couple of chapters or even just a scene or two that will eventually make their way into whatever book they belong too. *grin*

Anywho...The past week it seems they have wanted my FULL attention. By that I mean, they want me to work on their modern storyline and not the past. In other words, they demanded I pay my writers' creativity to Immortal Choice. Um...that was a shocker, because for the most part, neither one of them are willing to take that final plunge that will bind their souls together forever. However, I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth -mind you, I don't think I'd actually look in a horse's mouth, but I am a city girl after all :)- so if that's where I'm supposed to be working, that's where you'll find me. Hip deep inside the minds of my immortals, praying each step of the way they won't leave me hanging like they tend to do...and often I might add! *groan* I am one step closer to closing the distance between those two deities I created and made so blasted stubborn I want to strangle them. *sigh* What does that say about me as the creator? Yeah, I know, I have problems. People who know me personally say the same thing. Did I ever mention a friend suggested I go to counseling for Tarrinaysa and Nickolai? Yep, sure did. I thought she meant them, nope. She actually meant I should pay someone to listen to me rant about the characters I fashioned. What does that tell you about my friends? *snicker* But I still love them dearly. All of them.

Back to what I was saying before I wandered off track...Immortal Choice is now 31 pages longer! *snoopy dance* I couldn't believe it when I finally stopped early yesterday morning (we're talking 4 am, btw). I had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I realized how many words I'd added. It was AWESOME!! Talk about giddy with happiness. I was bouncing with excitement. And today I spent rereading what I jotted down and contemplated sending it off to my Beast to read through. But decided I'd wait to see if I would add more. *smile*

Have I ever told you about my Beast? No? Okay, well, he's a wonder. Yes, my Beast is a he. He keeps my thoughts in line and reminds me when I have ran into something that needs to be fixed. More often then not he's my worse critic. Well...outside myself that is. *smirk* I can tear my work apart in a mean way. But anyway, I don't do anything with my work until Beast (I'll just call him Beast, cause it's more...idk...fitting, don't you agree? *snicker* He's also a prankster and joker, so if not that it would have to be one of them) has thoroughly gone through each page and word. Once he's given me the go ahead, then I send it off to my sister-in-law who happens to be a dragon. No, seriously, she is. You should see her when she's pissed! Damn! I swear she breathed fire and singed my eyebrows. Seriously. I have a Beast and Dragon making sure my manuscripts are coherent. I could even add I have the Prince of Darkness popping in every now and again too. *snicker* Yeah, I didn't think you'd believe that either.

Back to my Dragon...she a beaut. I don't know what I'd do without her honestly. Between our chats and phone calls we do actually get some work done. Although I think we work faster when we're chatting on-line. I've wandered again, sorry. *smile* She takes a gander at whatever I've sent her and either gives me a thumbs up or a slap upside the head. But I still love her, cause without those slaps, I think I'd have lost what little common sense I still have. Truly, I'll take the slap to the head over the boot in the ass. That one hurts, cause she uses shit kickers with steel toes every time. *chuckle* It's not a pretty sight once she'd done. I will say this though, she keeps my head screwed on straight and moving forward.

Since I've jumped around I think that means I need to stop while I'm ahead before I really lose ya'll and end up on some other topic all together. Maybe I'll share a snippet of what I'm working on? Still thinking on that one. *grin* Have a great week!


Friday, June 15, 2012

Sharing the Excitement!

Okay, so I got news that Twin Flames: Soul Bound can be pre-ordered at MuseItUp Publishing. Whoot! Whoot! So, now you can pre-order it through the Muse book store at a discount. Can you say awesome?? *giggle* Okay, okay, so now I have the happiness running through my veins. *sigh* That means I won't be able to sit still to get anything done today. Oh joy! *chuckle* So the question is now...what to do since I can't sit still?

As of right this moment, I've been bouncing around between writing projects. In other words, I haven't completed anything but I have done much writing. I've added scenes to Immortal Council and Immortal Divides. *grin* I've also added to Immortal Choice. Other then that, I've mapped and planned and plotted other ideas that have lodged themselves in my creative brain. No, I haven't worked on Twin Flames: Soul Destiny or Twin Flames: Soul Damned. And no, I haven't heard anything back about Twin Flames: Soul Memory. *sigh* I will eventually head back in their direction and contact the submissions department on Twin Flames: Soul Memory, maybe now that I'm getting closer to the release date for Twin Flames: Soul Bound? *shrug* We'll see.

Alright, I'm jittery again so that means I need to move around for a bit. *laugh* I did mention I couldn't sit still, didn't I? *smirk*

Oh, here's the link to pre-order Twin Flames: Soul Bound if you're so interested. And I thank you beforehand for taking a chance on an unknown author. :)


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fill in Ramblings

Hey ya'll! I'm back for a moment before I head in the direction that usually means more ideas forming and more story lines brewing. *grin* The craziness that is a writer's life. So, anywho...catch up time! *laugh*

Book Three and Four now have titles!! Whoot! Whoot! Thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law Book Three is now titled Immortal Divides. Cool, huh? I think so. *smile* And Book Four has become Immortal in the High Council that rules my wonderful characters. Now, remember, so far none of my characters are human. And as of right this moment, I don't for see least in the near future anyway. But we shall see. *snicker*

It's now three days past the 8 to 10 weeks I was given for Twin Flames: Soul Bound. I guess that means I should type up an inquiry asking if they have gotten to it. I know they received it as I have the email in my inbox letting me know they have it. However, the question is...did they read it or forget about it? Oh joy of joys! Guess that's now on my to-do list for the weekend.

As for real life events? Um...yeah...about that. Depends on the day and who is involved. Other then that it's been...well...I guess you could consider it...normal. As far as normal is considered. I've cleaned my house and prepared for the heat that always attacks us and got things around to give away. You know, those clothes and things you no longer use or wear? Yeah, they are all now sitting in my garage waiting to be loaded into the trunk and dropped at the Goodwill or Salvation Army, either or and both if needs be. *smirk* I need room and spring cleaning is pretty much complete.

Now back to the writing life...oh yeah! I'm putting together a few ideas that may or may not ever make it into written form. For example...a series about Near Twins. Those people who seem as if they are your Twin Flame, yet they aren't. Did you know that's why many don't ever find their Twin? Yep, that's the reason. They locate their Near Twin and stop searching because they are happy with who they have. So that's been an idea brewing and I've jotted some things down to see what happens. Maybe I'll even do a crossover between the two? Like have the hero/heroine in the Near Twin locate their Twin Flames? That would make for interesting reading I'd say. *snicker* And if I worked it right -of course it depends on the characters themselves- there would be a total of three books dedicated the two characters. One in the Near Twin Series and then two in the Twin Flames Series, as in they both locate their Twins. So in a sense, even though they found each other and are happy with what they have, neither one stops searching for their ultimate relationship. Their mirror image and exact opposite...Twin Soul...Twin Flame. I think it would be neat to document the differences and similarities between the two. Wouldn't you?

Maybe I'll add some things later on here to share with you all. Still thinking along those lines. Haven't decided at the moment. I'm sure something will snare my thoughts and attention and I'll jot something here and you will all have a good laugh. Remember...laughter is always good. It's a great stress reliever. It makes life enjoyable, even if for only a few moments in time. Live for the little things, cause life can and is a bitch at times. But it's a ride we all signed up for. So why not enjoy the view and savor the good times over the bad?

I'm off! Have a great weekend everyone!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer Vacation

Summer has arrived in Wyoming! Okay, okay, so not really the season, but rather the vacation time that rules teens and kids lives. *sigh* And mine now it seems. It's not a bad thing though, it appears my brain really enjoys the warming up of the weather and has taken off like a shot out of a rifle. Let me fill you in on the happenings in my...well...mind. *grin*

First, there are a couple days before the 10 weeks are up from hearing back from my submission of Twin Flames: Soul Memory. Oh joy! And no, before you ask I haven't written much on Twin Flames: Soul Destiny...that story seems to be my bane at the moment. *snicker* I'm sure it'll take off if Soul Memory is picked least that's my hope. Now if the opposite about that. I hadn't given it much thought honestly. Not sayin' I have a huge head about my works, just rather I don't hope ahead too far. So the wait is still on in that area of my writing career. *smile*

Second, I've outlined more of Twin Flames: Soul Damned. However, I haven't done much else on that one either. I think my brain has stopped and is waiting to see where Soul Memory goes before getting more written and without a home. *smile* We shall see. Although, I have established my hero in Soul Damned better. Ciel is a dear creature who happens to be a deity with a unique personality. He is darker then he is light, but still takes a moment to annoy his cousin. Okay, okay, so he's a cousin of Tarrinaysa's and yes, before you ask he has annoyed her. And no, she hasn't fried his ass...yet! *laugh* I doubt she will, because he amuses the Ancient Goddess and that means she'll put up with his business suits and irritating habits. Not that they aren't normal habits, just for Tarrinaysa they are...well, very human. As she isn't human, so they annoy her more often then not. *smirk*

Third, I've also worked on Gunnar's story some and got his started...okay, so it's in outline form. That's still in the progress of writing. *chuckle* Work is work people. I can't always sit down and just start writing without making head ways on other areas. My characters have to have a personality and whatnot. If not, they are cardboard and just...well, ick! Not a fan of cookie cutter heroes and heroines. I like variety. Lots of different personality traits and all the wonderful things that make my characters more realistic and lifelike. Who wants to read about someone who you can't imagine being real? Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about fantasy here, I'm talking about romance. *laugh* I have my fair share of fantasy in the works at the moment.

Fourth, I have added more scenes to Immortal Beginnings and a couple to Book Four. Nope, it's not titled as of yet...still! Okay, okay, so I'm behind in that arena. I did try. I have a list with possibles, but I haven't done a whole lot focusing and thinking about which one fits and which one doesn't. I plan to work on that this summer. I mean, since it's a third finished it really should have a title, right? Right! Hell, I even added more scenes to Immortal Creations...they really are all novel length now. And no, I haven't thought about what I'm going to do with them either. I have decided that I'll wait until they are all finished and go from there. The only one completely finished is Immortal Beginnings, other then what I keep adding that is. *laugh* Immortal Creations is about three-quarters done and Book Three is a's looking like there will be be four books now. There's just too much information happening to keep it at three. *grin*

Now, that I've gotten that off my mind and chest I can hope back into my files and see what more I can get done before the night hours hop around and make me think more and want to create more. I really need to stop creating and just get to writing what I already have ready. Anywho...have a great one ya'll!


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Writer's Rant

Have you ever had one of those moments when you want to write and NOTHING comes to mind? No, I'm not talking about writer's block I'm mean when you have everything set up in front of you and your fingers are itching to start typing and...nothing! You re-read what came before and still...nothing. So you take a deep breath and glance through notes and whatnot and still...nothing. Those are the annoying moments in every writers life. >sigh< My time is now, sadly.
See, I have two manuscripts in the works and neither are liking me very much at the moment. As I am not caring for them either honestly. Having submitted Twin Flames: Soul Memory a week ago I have to get moving on Twin Flames: Soul Destiny and it's just not moving...I'm missing something and until I can figure out what it is I'm stuck forever in the morose syrup that is writer hell. I also have a demon on my back and that one is Twin Flames: Soul Damned. <-----Nice title, huh? Sorry, it was the best I could do and honestly, I think it fits the hero and heroine to a 't'. It's also one of those things that just is a fact of life. Trust me, knights in shining armor and prince charming aren't real and for those of you who have been lucky enough to find either, I can bet you aren't entirely thrilled about every little thing they do. That's the point behind the Twin Flames Series. For all their perfectness they are -after all- only absolutely perfect for the one who is their mirror image and exact opposite. Whomever they may be. >grin<

My wonderful sister-in-law has been lecturing me on getting something written and sadly, she's right. >groan< Don't tell her I said that. You don't know what she's like. No, she's not horrible, but who doesn't enjoying knowing they are right about something they've been talking about? Yeah, that's what I thought. Eventually she'll find out, because that's just the way things happen. Although, I swear someone is spying on me and telling her what I say. I can feel it! >laugh< But seriously, she is right. I am a writer and that's what I do...I write. Even when nothing is coming to the forefront of this mass called a brain I am compelled to write...hence I am here ranting on about nothing, honestly.

But more about Twin Flames: Soul Damned...I enjoy a challenge. However, this particular one has me worried. Because it's not easy. It's damned hard and I want to do the couple involved justice. Don't get me wrong, what I write is fiction, but sometimes I fashion characters from people I've meet or know personally. That's where the justice comes would just flat out suck majorly if I didn't get the hero and heroine accurate, ya know? So some challenges are easier then others...this is the other I just mentioned. >smirk<

As for Twin Flames: Soul Destiny...that is the final installment of Jairo and Joy. With this one they will have their present, past and future all wrapped up into a nice little package. Plus, I may just add a bright red bow to the top just because I can. >snicker< I'm to the end with them and I think that's what has me stalled out. In a sense I will have written them complete in a way I hadn't done before. Mind you, I have people that have read through Twin Flames: Soul Memory and they are waiting for the next one to finish them. Oh the words 'the end' are right close and yet, so freakin' far away it's insane! >laugh< But seriously, I have plenty of time for the third book and even more time for the fourth one, but I'm sitting here with lots to do and get done and nothing is happening. That is just rotten.

So, since I have ranted and just babbled about nothing at all maybe this is what I needed to clear out the clog that blocked up this writers pipe? >chuckle< Anywho...hope ya'll find this entertaining and enjoyable and if I've made you laugh then so be it. I don't mind in the least. At least one of us is happy at the moment. As for me...I'm off to see what I can accomplish. I really do need to focus and get something done.

Wish me luck! Cause I sure need it. :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Playing Catch Up

That's what I've been doing recently. Playing catch-up. I just finished my final rounds of content edits for Twin Flames: Soul Bound and no am waiting to hear from my Line Editor...but I do have plenty of time for that! *laugh* With a release date of July, 2012 and it only being January, yep, I have time. *smile* So this is what I've been doing with said time...

Going over old manuscripts and rewriting them from the ground up, pretty much. That's right, although they are completed -seven of them to be exact- I'm giving them ALL a complete and full rewrite. For me it's easier then trying to find and only change certain things. Because the type of writer I am is the kind that every time I go through one of my works I change something. Whether it be words, or entire chapters, something ALWAYS get altered from the original. Yes, I know that wasn't something I could do while I was doing I used restraint...that's not always a good thing while creating something through. And since they are just in their original forms still contractless and all that, I can do it however I wish. So...rewrite it is! *laugh*

I've also spent time researching the subject of Twin Flames/Twin Souls so I understand more of what I am writing. Can't have someone looking at my creation and wondering what planet I haled from...although...that might not be such a bad idea. *grin* Having everyone wonder where in the world these ideas/stories come might make them want to check it out just to see, ya know?

Plus...I've been popping into Twin Flames: Soul Memory as well to see what more needs to be added to make it ready for submission. I know it's still missing something, but so far I've come up short of what exactly that IT is. *smirk* Oh the joys of being a writer! Knowing but not knowing at the same time...crazy, I know. But what writer do you know that is considered 100% sane? I mean, really, who? I know I have my moments as do many of my friend writers/authors. I think we have to have some form of weirdness to be able to create stories and all that, ya know?

Yes, I have also looked in on the third Twin Flames story and am alomst finished with that one. It still is titleless at the moment. I know I'll find the right title in the end, it's just a waiting process...ick! Patience...something I'm not the greatest at. *chuckle* I am learning through.

So, that has been what I've been doing over the weeks since my last post. What have you been doing?