Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oh boy!! Have Seen Cover Art

I figured, since I bugged an author friend of mine about blogging and keeping in touch with the masses, I had beeter make good on my words. *smirk* So here I am. Typing away here instead of writing away on Gunnar and Raven's story. *sigh* Choices that have to be made. I'll jot a little here then pop back into writer mode and get another scene out before heading to bed...last as usual. *grin*

Alrighty then...Monday I got the cover art for Twin Flames: Soul Bound! Talk about an excitement!! I hopped between being teary eyed and giggling like a school girl. I just didn't know what to do and wanted to do it all at once. *laugh* Yep, that's the emotional roller coaster called an author's life. Either we're throwing things and fits, because our lovely characters aren't doing what we -as their creators- want them to, or we're laughing and crying because all our hard work and long hours absent from society has finally paid off with a coveted contract with a publishing house. Even now, my heart is running faster than I know it should -safely that is- and I feel...well, extremely bouncy. And for me that's sayin' something. Cause I just don't do bouncy. Unless of course there's a trampolin and alcohol involved. Thank God there aren't too many people out there who remember that event!

Anywho...Release date is July 27th and the pre-order option is up at Muse It Up book store, there will now be a cover that I might add is extremely AWESOME!! Of course, it's my first but I can't help but be excited about people seeing it. Lex Valentine did a great job. *happy sigh*

Okay, okay, enough of the mushy mush. *grin* I have got to get back to writing or there won't be a follow up. Ya'll have a great rest of the week and an awesome weekend. Enjoy the summer holidays and wonderful weather. But please, as a person who lives in the western states, refrain from using flamables. We already have too many fires. Please, use caution. :)


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