Saturday, January 26, 2013

Twin Flames: Soul Memory Released

So as you can see I've been a little busy recently. Twin Flames: Soul Memory was released last week Friday (January 18, 2013) and I've been working on Twin Flames: Soul Destiny, which is the finale for Jairo and Joy. Does that mean the end of the series? highly doubtful, however, it does mean the end of taking two couples through three books. Not doing that again! LOL Seriously though, once I got through content and line edits, awaiting the cover, (which is AWESOME by the way) I started snipping away at the third book and ended up starting another. Ugh! The ideas that roam through your mind when you're supposed to being one thing instead of another are INSANE!

Anywho...added more content to Immortal Divides and Immortal Council and I think I can safely say I almost have Immortal Choice completed. Of course those are all up for debate, as every writer knows even when you think your finished you aren't actually. *sigh* So we shall see.

Recently I've roamed through just about every old manuscript I have and still can't really decide where to start working again. It never ends, does it? Nope, not really. Not if you want to remain in the writing industry and keep the readers attention and have them coming back for more.

And yes, I realize I've fallen behind on posting, sorry about that. I really was my intention to do better. Maybe that should've been my New Year's posting more timely. I can still pop that in there as I forewent the one about losing weight. *smirk* If it doesn't work the first -million- times why then keep adding it to the list? Just sayin'...

Okay, as much as I'd love to keep rattling on and boring ya'll to tears, I'm going to take my leave and see what I can put down for Kia and Brock...yeah, those are the names of my two mains in the next Twin Flames stories.

Be well, stay warm and Blessings to one and all!