Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ramblings at Late Nite

I am sure by now ya'll have figured out that I'm horrible at posting here. *grin* Sorry. But I thought since I was up and nothing was brewing inside my brain -concerning writing that is- I'd drop in here and possibly get rid of the crap that is clogging up my brain cells.

Real life tends to have a negative effect on my creativity *sigh* which is never a good thing for a writer slash author. You know, I don't think I'll ever get used to having that tagline or title attached to my name. That's how new it still is. *chuckle* By the time any of these posts are actually read by readers and followers hopefully I'll be better keeping a blog up. I am working on it. However, I now understand why writers/authors of old locked themselves away from the world and wrote. It's easier...sometimes. *snicker* But this is the digital age and nothing -no one- is hidden for long. If ever at all.

My Content Editor emailed me on Monday so I have a timeframe of when things will start moving forward. Still not sure how to feel about that one. I know I should be excited and jumping for joy. But it's more of a 'okay, more work to do'. Of course not in a bad way. As long as I'm moving forward I'm good -and happy- it's when things get stuck that I start slipping. *smirk* I am only human after all. And as much as many people would love to convince you otherwise, I'm not wonderwoman or superwoman. *sigh* Such is the reality of that which is me, Alix. *laugh* I have my failings and shortcomings just like the next person. Mine just tend to be well hidden. I am an oddity in this world and I don't mind in the least. *smile*

Recently I finished the second book in my Twin Flames series and started on the third. Soul Bound was supposed to the only one about Jay and Joy. However, a close friend pointed out it would be a good thing to add another book. Giving them a past and a future. Besides what there is in Soul Bound. I shook my head and refused...see where that got me? *laugh* Before Soul Bound was even contracted by MuseItUp Publishing I had already started on their second book. Could've really smacked my sister in law for that one. *chuckle* Instead I forged ahead and was determined to get it completed even as I waited for news on Soul Bound. Then a few weeks later while I was getting ready to start work on the chapter 11 of what is now being called Twin Flames: Soul Memory said sister in law mentioned again about it being a good thing to break Soul Memory into two books and leave this one with a major cliff hanger. *jaw drop* So...Soul Memory ended at the end of chapter 8 and the rest of the chapters went into what now has no real name attached to it. It of course will be Twin Flames: Soul...something or other after 'Soul' but that is still in the works. I only have 5 chapters in so it's still playing out. Maybe I'll call it Connection? Or Reconnection? Can't use ReBound because many see that and think negative. I'm sure I'll come up with something that will catch people's attention. Fingers crossed, right? *laugh* I will, I always seem to be able to do that. *smile* Now, that third one will be the final for Jay and Joy. Their past, present and future wrapped up in a nice red bow and I can move onto another set of characters that have been tormenting me since I started writing the thrid know, I REALLY need to find a name for that one. *laugh* Can't keep calling it the third one. It gets boring after a while. Nope, no names. Can't do it, not yet anyway. It has to be approved of by my own twin flame. *smile* Than I might even let them take over and post here like I did Joy. I'm nice like that.

I have also been searching through all my really, really, REALLY old manuscripts to see if I can clean any of them up enough to catch a publisher's eye. Yeah, they're that bad. *laugh* However, that hasn't stopped me before. It just means I have to work harder at making them readable. Ick! That's the scary shit. How in the world did I create a good idea and not be able to write it out the right way? *chuckle* I've learned that much over the years. So I'll just forge ahead and put them together and make them publishable. I can do that. Done it before.

Okay, since I've offically dropped every thought from my head I'm heading off to see what more trouble I can get into. *snicker* I'm good at getting into trouble. I don't even have to go looking for it these days, it finds me! *laugh* So enjoy lovey and don't worry, I'm not always this...random. Honest.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Anonymous Male Twin Flame

My Twin Flame is a female who has lived her life in the shadows of the world. I have always known she was alive and wondered when we would cross paths. It wasn’t until my sister befriended her and talked me into reading her work did I find her. It was the most painful moment in my life. I thought I had endured agony before, but this was unlike anything I had ever known. She was older, married with children. Completely out of my reach and yet I loved and desired her above all others. But she treated me like a child, acting as if I didn’t know what I was feeling. That all it was was a crush on an older woman. Nothing more. I wanted her to feel for me what I felt for her. I desired to hear my name on her lips. Not the one everyone called me, but the name I was given at birth. I let my walls fall and made love to her through the connection we shared. Fear she would walk away taunted me but I couldn’t stop. I needed her to know and feel me as a man worthy of her love and affection. She needed to see me as a man and not a child. I was the other half of her soul, her mirror image and exact opposite. Our struggles were numerous but each night I would fully connect with her and remove the distance between us. I soothed her hurts and corrected many wrongs done to her. Her presence calmed and settled a part of me I hadn’t thought would ever be at peace with life.

I will not share my name or the female who matches me, just know she exists and I can feel every breath she takes and each tear she cries. She's so much apart of me I live because of her. I fight for her. I would do anything she asks of me including live in a life I have wanted to escape from for as long as I can remember. She's beautiful, my light in the darkness.

I found this while I was searching through the notes I've taken over the years and thought I'd share it with you all. It's an interesting view from the male perspective of his Twin Flame relationship. I'll have to follow up on this one as time goes by. Just to see where they are since it's been a while since I talked to him.


My name is Joy

Hello everyone! *wave* My name is Joy Lyons-Morgan. A character created by the innovative Alix. She gave me access to her blog here so I could just chatter on about whatever caught my fancy. *laugh* If she only knew the trouble I could cause with unlimited access like that! *snicker* Since Alix wrote my story I figure I could give you all a little bit of background on myself. Ready? *raises eye brows*

First of all, I'm not human. At least not in the sense you think and/or believe. I'm a hybrid of sorts. In part a mythological creature thought not to have ever existed. *smirk* Well, people, I exist as do many others like myself. We live among you. Safely ensconced in your communities. We're like you in many ways. Which helps us to hide out in the open. *shrug* It's easier now in modern times then when my ancestors roamed the lands. Science is a wondrous thing...well, when it works hand and hand with insisting my kin aren't real. However, that is also its draw back. How can I say I exist when science says I don't. *sigh* One of the lingering questions that are tiresome at best. Maybe I should just give you the basis of who I am and leave the tech stuff to those who have the IQ for it? *clears throat* That's something I don't have, by the way. An IQ high enough to answer questions like that. *chuckle* I'm smart, just not THAT smart. *smile* Here's my intro...remember one thing...keep your mind open. If you can think outside the box to anything is possible then all is comprehendable.

I have lived my entire life between the worlds of those living and non-existence. Straddling the lines of what is real to everyone and what's real to me. A Hybrid I learned to be ‘normal’ like everyone else. Distant family members of mine were hunted and killed as witches and were-wolves, so hiding was a way of life. Silence is my friend and open honesty my foe. Certain areas of learning were taught by grandmothers who spoke of myths and legends. Tales of bygone eras and stories of unrealistic love coveted by all and found by a select few. It was my mother with whom the struggle began and continued throughout much of my life. To have the wholeness I sought, according to her, I had to marry within the Christian church a God-fearing man and bear him children. It felt wrong to me. Everything she spoke of as being real and the right way wasn’t true for me. I felt like I was lying and pretending. I locked part of myself away from the light it needed to grow and only survived, I no longer lived life. Until I heard his voice on the other end of the phone. I had a decision to make and no one could aid me in this. Only I knew the truth and what was right for me. Even as many thought it was selfish and inconsiderate I had to follow my heart as well as my soul.

Now, I know you're asking following your heart is understandable, but your soul? *laugh* Yeah, it's not the soul most religions speak of though. This is a part of you, the deeper part of who you are underneath the skin. The piece of you that makes up who you truly are. Example: I'm stubborn in a way I will continue to fight something if I think it's wrong. I won't bow to peer pressure or to a 'fad'. I am also determined to a point I don't easily bend. Sometimes even when I'm given proof I need to do it another way, I will continue to try other ways before I finally cave and admit I'm doing it wrong. These aren't bad traits, although they can be annoying at times. *chuckle* Just ask Jay. He knows full well about both of those. I used them against him...often. Each of us know what we are deep within. Only you can find those answers, that's what I had to do for me.

So since I have left you some answered questions I'll now leave you with just one more. *grin* Do you know who your Twin Flame is? Can you feel them? If you can, you're a lot closer then many other people are right now.

I'm off to annoy Jay now. *smirk* Alix is tapping her foot waiting patiently for me to finish. *shakes head* I'm sure I'll be back on.

~Joy Lyons-Morgan


My name is Alix and I'm new to this world of blogging. *smile* Not saying I haven't ever blogged before, just admitting to not having done it on a regular basis. I'm a writer in real life as well as a twin soul. <---- we'll get more into that later on. *wink* I am contracted with MuseItUp Publishing, which I am learning is a different type of publisher and for that I am grateful. They care about writers/authors in a way most publishers don't. They are right when they say without writers/authors you do not have a business. I am pleased to say I am apart of their ever growing family. It makes me smile to know those who said I wouldn't make it can eat their words -or hats- not like I'm the type to dance around and proclaim loudly 'see, I told you so', that's not who I am. I am just a normal average somebody who happened to write a story -book it's called now- that caught someones attention. Again, I am extremely grateful for. *grin* Will it ever settle in my head that I have a contract and am an author now? If you have the answer to that you're farther along then I am. I'm still waiting for the funny little feeling in my stomach to die down and the excitement to dwindle...not that I want that to happen mind you, I'm good for the time being. *smirk*

Since this is an introduction I'd like to share more of myself with you who popped in interested in what I posted. I'm a child of the 1980's and a lover of the music from that era. Not saying I don't enjoy the tunes from the 90's or recently, just stating I'm a major fan of the bands that came into being while I was a child and teenager. Truth be told? I enjoy ALL music. Each song has their own story to tell. Some more fast paced and angry while others are soulful and touching. *sigh* Music is the soundtrack of people lives. It tells you about them in a way nothing else can. It speaks to everyone on all levels. We find friends through music and soul mates also. We party and relax to the notes of each piece. Our daily lives are there for anyone to listen to and hear, with their ears, hearts and yes, even souls. No, I'm not religious I have my own belief system which follows is right for me. *smile*

I'm not into politics or debates, nor am I into changing the world. I'd rather sit back and just enjoy what I've been given. Not saying I'm lazy, by any means, just don't want to put my opinions out there to be picked apart and cataloged. I'm a person, an individual. Boxes are for items we want to protect and hold onto, not people. There that's my views. *grin*