Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fill in Ramblings

Hey ya'll! I'm back for a moment before I head in the direction that usually means more ideas forming and more story lines brewing. *grin* The craziness that is a writer's life. So, anywho...catch up time! *laugh*

Book Three and Four now have titles!! Whoot! Whoot! Thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law Book Three is now titled Immortal Divides. Cool, huh? I think so. *smile* And Book Four has become Immortal in the High Council that rules my wonderful characters. Now, remember, so far none of my characters are human. And as of right this moment, I don't for see least in the near future anyway. But we shall see. *snicker*

It's now three days past the 8 to 10 weeks I was given for Twin Flames: Soul Bound. I guess that means I should type up an inquiry asking if they have gotten to it. I know they received it as I have the email in my inbox letting me know they have it. However, the question is...did they read it or forget about it? Oh joy of joys! Guess that's now on my to-do list for the weekend.

As for real life events? Um...yeah...about that. Depends on the day and who is involved. Other then that it's been...well...I guess you could consider it...normal. As far as normal is considered. I've cleaned my house and prepared for the heat that always attacks us and got things around to give away. You know, those clothes and things you no longer use or wear? Yeah, they are all now sitting in my garage waiting to be loaded into the trunk and dropped at the Goodwill or Salvation Army, either or and both if needs be. *smirk* I need room and spring cleaning is pretty much complete.

Now back to the writing life...oh yeah! I'm putting together a few ideas that may or may not ever make it into written form. For example...a series about Near Twins. Those people who seem as if they are your Twin Flame, yet they aren't. Did you know that's why many don't ever find their Twin? Yep, that's the reason. They locate their Near Twin and stop searching because they are happy with who they have. So that's been an idea brewing and I've jotted some things down to see what happens. Maybe I'll even do a crossover between the two? Like have the hero/heroine in the Near Twin locate their Twin Flames? That would make for interesting reading I'd say. *snicker* And if I worked it right -of course it depends on the characters themselves- there would be a total of three books dedicated the two characters. One in the Near Twin Series and then two in the Twin Flames Series, as in they both locate their Twins. So in a sense, even though they found each other and are happy with what they have, neither one stops searching for their ultimate relationship. Their mirror image and exact opposite...Twin Soul...Twin Flame. I think it would be neat to document the differences and similarities between the two. Wouldn't you?

Maybe I'll add some things later on here to share with you all. Still thinking along those lines. Haven't decided at the moment. I'm sure something will snare my thoughts and attention and I'll jot something here and you will all have a good laugh. Remember...laughter is always good. It's a great stress reliever. It makes life enjoyable, even if for only a few moments in time. Live for the little things, cause life can and is a bitch at times. But it's a ride we all signed up for. So why not enjoy the view and savor the good times over the bad?

I'm off! Have a great weekend everyone!


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