Friday, July 13, 2012

July Workings

I'm really horrible at posting regularly, I am working on that though. *smile* As this will attest, I have made an attempt.

July...the wonderful month where summer is in full swing and the heat -recently- has been taken from Hades and Hell themselves respectively. *smirk* I know I'm taking cold showers ofter...and it has nothing to do with the heat level that I'm wirting either, which sucks by the way.

Rewriting...that's what July has been for me. I'm completely rewriting an old piece of work and hoping to get it ready for clean up/critique by the end of the summer. At the earilest. It's the introduction of my Calanthian Hybrids. If Twin Flames: Soul Memory gets picked up and I can finish Soul Destiny, you'll get an introduction to Calanthia and those who dwell there. It's called Cat's Heart and as of right this moment I've reached chapter 6, but I am writing chapter 7...yeah, it's gained a chapter, whoc knew that could happen? I sure didn't think it would. *chuckle* As for the characters? Nastassiya 'Stasya' Lyons-Windcrest my heroine is a royale hybrid who continues to hold her family's vow of protection, even when there are those who want to see her dead. Horace 'Race' Silverthorne (a cousin of Jairo Silverthorne, from Twin Flames: Soul Bound) is my hero and a wonder to create. He's a Hybrid who didn't know he could change forms. He is also the Twin Flame of Stasya. As I said, this is the introduction to my Hybrids so it's also a more in depth intro to Twin Flames. Hope things keep moving along as they are now. Because I am so lovin' this!!

You all have a wonderful weekend. I know I am, I'm heading back into the writers den to see what more I can accomplish...before the heat gets worse! Have a great one. :)


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