Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer Vacation

Summer has arrived in Wyoming! Okay, okay, so not really the season, but rather the vacation time that rules teens and kids lives. *sigh* And mine now it seems. It's not a bad thing though, it appears my brain really enjoys the warming up of the weather and has taken off like a shot out of a rifle. Let me fill you in on the happenings in my...well...mind. *grin*

First, there are a couple days before the 10 weeks are up from hearing back from my submission of Twin Flames: Soul Memory. Oh joy! And no, before you ask I haven't written much on Twin Flames: Soul Destiny...that story seems to be my bane at the moment. *snicker* I'm sure it'll take off if Soul Memory is picked least that's my hope. Now if the opposite about that. I hadn't given it much thought honestly. Not sayin' I have a huge head about my works, just rather I don't hope ahead too far. So the wait is still on in that area of my writing career. *smile*

Second, I've outlined more of Twin Flames: Soul Damned. However, I haven't done much else on that one either. I think my brain has stopped and is waiting to see where Soul Memory goes before getting more written and without a home. *smile* We shall see. Although, I have established my hero in Soul Damned better. Ciel is a dear creature who happens to be a deity with a unique personality. He is darker then he is light, but still takes a moment to annoy his cousin. Okay, okay, so he's a cousin of Tarrinaysa's and yes, before you ask he has annoyed her. And no, she hasn't fried his ass...yet! *laugh* I doubt she will, because he amuses the Ancient Goddess and that means she'll put up with his business suits and irritating habits. Not that they aren't normal habits, just for Tarrinaysa they are...well, very human. As she isn't human, so they annoy her more often then not. *smirk*

Third, I've also worked on Gunnar's story some and got his started...okay, so it's in outline form. That's still in the progress of writing. *chuckle* Work is work people. I can't always sit down and just start writing without making head ways on other areas. My characters have to have a personality and whatnot. If not, they are cardboard and just...well, ick! Not a fan of cookie cutter heroes and heroines. I like variety. Lots of different personality traits and all the wonderful things that make my characters more realistic and lifelike. Who wants to read about someone who you can't imagine being real? Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about fantasy here, I'm talking about romance. *laugh* I have my fair share of fantasy in the works at the moment.

Fourth, I have added more scenes to Immortal Beginnings and a couple to Book Four. Nope, it's not titled as of yet...still! Okay, okay, so I'm behind in that arena. I did try. I have a list with possibles, but I haven't done a whole lot focusing and thinking about which one fits and which one doesn't. I plan to work on that this summer. I mean, since it's a third finished it really should have a title, right? Right! Hell, I even added more scenes to Immortal Creations...they really are all novel length now. And no, I haven't thought about what I'm going to do with them either. I have decided that I'll wait until they are all finished and go from there. The only one completely finished is Immortal Beginnings, other then what I keep adding that is. *laugh* Immortal Creations is about three-quarters done and Book Three is a's looking like there will be be four books now. There's just too much information happening to keep it at three. *grin*

Now, that I've gotten that off my mind and chest I can hope back into my files and see what more I can get done before the night hours hop around and make me think more and want to create more. I really need to stop creating and just get to writing what I already have ready. Anywho...have a great one ya'll!


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