Thursday, March 29, 2012

Writer's Rant

Have you ever had one of those moments when you want to write and NOTHING comes to mind? No, I'm not talking about writer's block I'm mean when you have everything set up in front of you and your fingers are itching to start typing and...nothing! You re-read what came before and still...nothing. So you take a deep breath and glance through notes and whatnot and still...nothing. Those are the annoying moments in every writers life. >sigh< My time is now, sadly.
See, I have two manuscripts in the works and neither are liking me very much at the moment. As I am not caring for them either honestly. Having submitted Twin Flames: Soul Memory a week ago I have to get moving on Twin Flames: Soul Destiny and it's just not moving...I'm missing something and until I can figure out what it is I'm stuck forever in the morose syrup that is writer hell. I also have a demon on my back and that one is Twin Flames: Soul Damned. <-----Nice title, huh? Sorry, it was the best I could do and honestly, I think it fits the hero and heroine to a 't'. It's also one of those things that just is a fact of life. Trust me, knights in shining armor and prince charming aren't real and for those of you who have been lucky enough to find either, I can bet you aren't entirely thrilled about every little thing they do. That's the point behind the Twin Flames Series. For all their perfectness they are -after all- only absolutely perfect for the one who is their mirror image and exact opposite. Whomever they may be. >grin<

My wonderful sister-in-law has been lecturing me on getting something written and sadly, she's right. >groan< Don't tell her I said that. You don't know what she's like. No, she's not horrible, but who doesn't enjoying knowing they are right about something they've been talking about? Yeah, that's what I thought. Eventually she'll find out, because that's just the way things happen. Although, I swear someone is spying on me and telling her what I say. I can feel it! >laugh< But seriously, she is right. I am a writer and that's what I do...I write. Even when nothing is coming to the forefront of this mass called a brain I am compelled to write...hence I am here ranting on about nothing, honestly.

But more about Twin Flames: Soul Damned...I enjoy a challenge. However, this particular one has me worried. Because it's not easy. It's damned hard and I want to do the couple involved justice. Don't get me wrong, what I write is fiction, but sometimes I fashion characters from people I've meet or know personally. That's where the justice comes would just flat out suck majorly if I didn't get the hero and heroine accurate, ya know? So some challenges are easier then others...this is the other I just mentioned. >smirk<

As for Twin Flames: Soul Destiny...that is the final installment of Jairo and Joy. With this one they will have their present, past and future all wrapped up into a nice little package. Plus, I may just add a bright red bow to the top just because I can. >snicker< I'm to the end with them and I think that's what has me stalled out. In a sense I will have written them complete in a way I hadn't done before. Mind you, I have people that have read through Twin Flames: Soul Memory and they are waiting for the next one to finish them. Oh the words 'the end' are right close and yet, so freakin' far away it's insane! >laugh< But seriously, I have plenty of time for the third book and even more time for the fourth one, but I'm sitting here with lots to do and get done and nothing is happening. That is just rotten.

So, since I have ranted and just babbled about nothing at all maybe this is what I needed to clear out the clog that blocked up this writers pipe? >chuckle< Anywho...hope ya'll find this entertaining and enjoyable and if I've made you laugh then so be it. I don't mind in the least. At least one of us is happy at the moment. As for me...I'm off to see what I can accomplish. I really do need to focus and get something done.

Wish me luck! Cause I sure need it. :)

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