Friday, April 19, 2013

Hello All!

Well, I'm slowly starting to freeze again. It's funny, last week Tuesday we go buried under snow and then it melted around the weekend or so. Then on Tuesday (of this week!) we got plowed again! Same icy temps and wonderful 'white gold' with the frigid winds to boot. Now, don't get me wrong. I love snow and winter (it's actually one of my favorite seasons), but this is the middle of April. Doesn't that mean, rain? *sigh* Oh the joys of messed up seasons.

I've been horrible at posting here and I don't have a good enough excuse. I do apologize though. However, I can give you a reason for my absence and erratic postings. I have the attention span of a flea. No seriously, I do! I get sidetracked just leaving the living and going to the bathroom. Now if I'm heading to the kitchen...well, there's a whole other matter. Because I'll end up washing dishes or the counters. Hell, I'll even start sweeping the floor and rearranging the cupboards! While all of this is happening I'll promptly forget my true reason for walking away from my work and the computer to begin with. The next thing I know, I'm off doing something totally different again. You've heard, 'you're focus needs focus' well, in my case my attention needs attention. *laugh*

I'll barely acknowledge the Boston Marathon Bombing and the West Fertilizer Plant Explosion as well as the recent (tonight, Thursday) shooting on the MIT campus. That's just too much sorrow to focus on for longer then to say, I pray for each and to say it will get better.

My not paying attention to them may seem cold to you, but I am a writer, a mother, wife, sister, friend and the list continues. I prefer to enjoy the goods times over the bad, that's why we have them. And why it always seems the bad outnumber the good. It's because we're looking and seeing things the way we shouldn't. We should be looking at the good over the bad. I'm not saying ignore what happened, I'm saying acknowledge and move on. That's what healing is all about. Trust me on this, we all need the white light of healing surrounding right now.

So, I've rambled on about nothing and everything. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. I hope I haven't bored you to tears yet. *chuckle* I can, give me time and I will. Bad habit I guess you could say. I have set a timer and the alarm will sound next week about this time and I plan to here posting again. Even if it's just a short paragraph telling you all that I'm alive and well...and buried up to my eyeballs again in snow! Yeah, that's what they're saying. More of the 'white gold' is heading our way Sunday and Monday. I'm not really looking forward to it. My toes are ice and my nose is red. I really need the warmth that is normally Wyoming in April. Right now the yard is either mud, frozen, white or brown. Ick! I haven't seen green in my yard in almost a year. Now that's just flat out sad. Just sayin'...