Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Playing Catch Up

That's what I've been doing recently. Playing catch-up. I just finished my final rounds of content edits for Twin Flames: Soul Bound and no am waiting to hear from my Line Editor...but I do have plenty of time for that! *laugh* With a release date of July, 2012 and it only being January, yep, I have time. *smile* So this is what I've been doing with said time...

Going over old manuscripts and rewriting them from the ground up, pretty much. That's right, although they are completed -seven of them to be exact- I'm giving them ALL a complete and full rewrite. For me it's easier then trying to find and only change certain things. Because the type of writer I am is the kind that every time I go through one of my works I change something. Whether it be words, or entire chapters, something ALWAYS get altered from the original. Yes, I know that wasn't something I could do while I was doing edits...so I used restraint...that's not always a good thing while creating something through. And since they are just in their original forms still contractless and all that, I can do it however I wish. So...rewrite it is! *laugh*

I've also spent time researching the subject of Twin Flames/Twin Souls so I understand more of what I am writing. Can't have someone looking at my creation and wondering what planet I haled from...although...that might not be such a bad idea. *grin* Having everyone wonder where in the world these ideas/stories come from...it might make them want to check it out just to see, ya know?

Plus...I've been popping into Twin Flames: Soul Memory as well to see what more needs to be added to make it ready for submission. I know it's still missing something, but so far I've come up short of what exactly that IT is. *smirk* Oh the joys of being a writer! Knowing but not knowing at the same time...crazy, I know. But what writer do you know that is considered 100% sane? I mean, really, who? I know I have my moments as do many of my friend writers/authors. I think we have to have some form of weirdness to be able to create stories and all that, ya know?

Yes, I have also looked in on the third Twin Flames story and am alomst finished with that one. It still is titleless at the moment. I know I'll find the right title in the end, it's just a waiting process...ick! Patience...something I'm not the greatest at. *chuckle* I am learning through.

So, that has been what I've been doing over the weeks since my last post. What have you been doing?

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