Friday, June 15, 2012

Sharing the Excitement!

Okay, so I got news that Twin Flames: Soul Bound can be pre-ordered at MuseItUp Publishing. Whoot! Whoot! So, now you can pre-order it through the Muse book store at a discount. Can you say awesome?? *giggle* Okay, okay, so now I have the happiness running through my veins. *sigh* That means I won't be able to sit still to get anything done today. Oh joy! *chuckle* So the question is now...what to do since I can't sit still?

As of right this moment, I've been bouncing around between writing projects. In other words, I haven't completed anything but I have done much writing. I've added scenes to Immortal Council and Immortal Divides. *grin* I've also added to Immortal Choice. Other then that, I've mapped and planned and plotted other ideas that have lodged themselves in my creative brain. No, I haven't worked on Twin Flames: Soul Destiny or Twin Flames: Soul Damned. And no, I haven't heard anything back about Twin Flames: Soul Memory. *sigh* I will eventually head back in their direction and contact the submissions department on Twin Flames: Soul Memory, maybe now that I'm getting closer to the release date for Twin Flames: Soul Bound? *shrug* We'll see.

Alright, I'm jittery again so that means I need to move around for a bit. *laugh* I did mention I couldn't sit still, didn't I? *smirk*

Oh, here's the link to pre-order Twin Flames: Soul Bound if you're so interested. And I thank you beforehand for taking a chance on an unknown author. :)


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