Thursday, May 21, 2015

Been Writer Busy

Hello everyone. Hope your spring has been a good one so far. For me, it's rain and snow. Yes, I said the "s" word. At my elevation it does happen and has been known to happen through June. Think of me while you're all warm and running about on the beach.

Over the past year I entered into a monthly submission schedule, which leaves not a lot of time for conversing. Although I still try. I do believe I have a couple friends who are missing me...somewhere out there in the world.

Anyway, upon doing the new submission I've gotten into a relative decent writing timetable. I will soon have four series' going and three more upcoming. See, I really have been a busy little writer bee.

I will say it again...and again when I get side plan is to get into blogging at least once a month. I've said that every year and so far that's one resolution I've missed. And it's the only one I take on each year. Now that doesn't say much about me does it? Haha...

As before...I shall be back. Even if only to up date you all. Take care and blessings.