Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Preparing for Thanksgiving Day

As of this moment I'm supposed to be putting together the pies and treats my family looks forward to on the coming holiday. *grin* Instead I'm sitting here typing away on a blog post. *laugh* See what happens when you mix a writer with a person who detests cooking? You get a procrastinator of my proportions. I will of course eventually step away from these keys to do my duty and prep the food for tomorrow, until then I'll sit here and tick away about nothing in particular. *smirk*
I've gotten some good feedback concerning Twin Flames: Soul Memory so fingers crossed on that one. *wink* However, the rewriting older ones has stalled at the moment. *grin* Sorry, getting sidetracked is a favorite past time of mine. I will get back to them...I hope! *laugh*

Nickolai and Tarrinaysa...those two are running rampant in my mind again as their story only got so far last year and STOPPED! Talk about cheerfully strangling them is an understatment of epic proportions. *groan* But since they are the beginning of all that I have created it seems they are -once again- tickling my imagination. So I've stopped by their story -Immortal Choice- and started taking a small peek around. When dealing with TWO deities like them it's not an easy thing...juat sayin'. I think I may have found the solution to their bickering and my writers block -concerning them anyway. *smirk* I'll go back and take it the route it was supposed to originally. Before I got the feedback that did nothing for my writing and everything for why I should stop and never try to write again. *chuckle* Seriously, I am taking back the original and putting it back in the order as to which it was created to start. Nickolai and Tarrinaysa's soul bond was supposed to bring about the matching of other Twin Flames. That's the myth I created for them. So that's what I'm going back to. It'll take some time and prep on my part -as the original is lost to the recycle bin years ago- but I have all the notes in my mind. Thankfully that part doesn't have a recycle bin, or I'd be a screwed writer! *laugh* Eventually I'll have their tale told and they can spend the rest of their immortals lives tormenting each other and having wild crazy sex. *rolls eyes* THAT seems to be the only area of their relationship that DOESN'T need work! *snicker*

So, now it's time for me to be a good adult and start on those pies and other treats everyone enjoys. I'm sure this won't be the last time I sit here today and chatter away about nothing interesting. But it gives me a moment of peace with the words that refuse to stop even when you have the day booked and none of it has to do with writing! *laugh*

Have a great holiday everyone!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Name Changes

A friend of mine said I come up with the most interesting and uncommon names. Even if she has trouble pronouncing them, she says. Honestly? Commonly known and used names aren’t a fave of mine. Actually, I detest using common names for any of my characters. Which for Joy and Jay is insane, because here are to so commonly used names it’s funny, and those are the names of my two characters.
The story behind Jay and Joy’s names…when I started Twin Flames: Soul Bound earlier this year it was to be a short 7000 word entry for a contest. I just wanted to write it that was all. And the main characters were fashioned after two real life people. So I took the first two letters of their names -birth names- and went with it. A lot of times I’ll rewrite a story twice -to as many as ten times- because the names aren’t right. Whether it’s the heroine’s name or the hero’s, names will stop my story telling ability in its tracks. When that happens I dig out the baby name books -yes, I have like six different ones as well as list from the internet and jotted down names that I’ve heard somewhere but they aren’t in the books or on line- and start my search. Once a name catches my eye I add it in to the space left behind by its previous owner and start reading. If it works I’m off and running. If not *sigh* back to the books and lists to find another one. More often than not my problem only runs into either the male or female characters, not both. Only once has it been both main characters -which killed the manuscript halfway through- as of this posting. *grin*
Recently I had to change ‘Jay’s’ name to his birth name. Because -I guess- readers aren’t fans of names being so close…aka Jay and Joy…confusing…only one letter different. Funny thing about that? The only time I’ve done names that close are when dealing with twins and even then it’s not when they are together in a story. *laugh* I won’t name names but it was my content editor that brought it to my attention. Now, not too long ago I was told -by other writers- not to pick names that were hard to pronounce. I have to laugh at it, because I chose ‘Jay’s’ name for the strict purpose of avoiding having to change it. *snicker*And I ended up having to change it anyway. I am SO glad I give each of my character’s two names. *laugh* To me it makes them more real life. I don’t go by my birth name and most of my friend don’t either. Hell, I bet some -again I won’t name names- hate the ones they were given at birth so prefer nicknames. *grin* I know many who aren’t a fan of the name their parents bestowed upon them.
I am so glad I give my characters a birth name as well as a nickname.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Couples: Jay and Joy & Tarrinaysa & Nickolai

Hello everyone. *waves* Since I’m horrible when it comes to talking about myself I’ll talk about my characters. Hopefully you will eventually meet them all in their own stories. Some have been written already while others are in the works and still some are just ideas flittering around in my cluttered brain. *laugh*
First off…
Jay and Joy, my first ones -Twin Flames: Soul Bound- with a contract through MuseItUp Publishing. Jay Silverthrone is an Alpha male for only one female and that’s his divine mate Joy Lyons-Morgan. Jay is a tattoo artist and a hybrid from the island country of Calanthia (another one of my creations). Yes, he can change his forms into those of animals, four to be exact. One is the extinct Dire-Wolf the other three are of the feline variety, a black panther, Siberian tiger and a cougar respectively. He’s a quiet man and hard to get to know. Only a select few have the opportunity to be counted as his close friends and those are of his siblings and a couple friends he grew up with. He’s stubborn when something -someone- has his interest and they are spending too much time thinking things over. He is also very loyal to those of whom he calls friend. Normally he jumps right in with both before fully contemplating if the choice is a good one or not, until he hears Joy’s voice on the other end of the phone. Then the cool confident male he’s always been vanishes which leaves him strumbling around in the uncharted territory of Twin Flames. Joy Lyons-Morgan is an Alpha female who will only ever submit to one male and that’s her divine match Jay Silverthorne. She’s a waitress at a local club with dreams of opening her own dance club. She’s lived her life in the vastness in the state of Wyoming. She is a hybrid of a different variety in a family of non-shifting mortals. It’s a secret she fears being found out. Her entire life has been spent in the shadows of her true identity all while pretending to be someone she’s not for the sake of safety. She’s an outgoing extrovert who keeps everyone at arms’ length for her protection as well as her own sanity. Only a couple have ever been allowed close enough to her to know what she’s thinking and believes. She’s stubborn and cautious when it comes to decisions being made. Cool and collected when it pertains to emotions, control is her thing. Not over people but over herself. Mastery is what keeps the animals at bay and locks her to the non-shifting human world. However, all that changes when Jay whispers her name across the phone lines. Leaving her to wonder and try to figure things out without a manual as a guide.
This couple has three books dedicated to their Twin Flame relationship, a present, past and future. Since Soul Bound is their present, the others fall in line from there. Soul Memory is their past and the third one -is still unnamed as of yet- is their future.
Tarrinaysa and Nickolai are the very, VERY first -and oldest- of my creations. They’ve been fluttering around in my creative mind for YEARS. I put the emphasis on ‘very’ and ‘years’ because they’ve been there from the first moment I started telling stories to my younger siblings and cousins. They are the basis of the -monster- series I’ve created. Without them there is nothing for the others to follow. Tarrinaysa D’Orian is a Fey Princess who becomes the Immortal Fey Queen and eventually the Living Goddess. A deity of ancient times her pantheon is so old all others followed in their lead. She carries three souls, giving her a duality others don’t have. The dormant soul of a God-Killer, the ancient soul of a goddess -Tarrynaysa Ambrozia, the Ancient Goddess of Life, the Beginning and Ending- and finally the new young soul she was born with making her a member of The First Ones -the Fey- created to populate the Earth.  In modern times she’s known as Tarrin Dorian, billionaire who owns and operates exclusive dance clubs around the world. She’s been a Fey War Lord and brought entire countries to their knees and the brink of extinction by her sword and now she’s a fashionista with the proper decorum that irkes the rulers of the world. She doesn’t bend to anyone…even the one who divinely matches her in every way. Nickolai D’Lyons was born Wolf Hunter the destined divine mate of Tarrinaysa who by her blood becomes the Delphian Prince of legend and myth. He too carries the souls of three beings in his form. One the dormant soul of a God-Killer another the ancient soul of a god -Teran Ambroze, the Ancient God of Life, the Beginning and Ending- and finally the young soul he was born with making him a member of the Fey-kin. In modern times he’s known as Nickolai D’Lyons, a force to be reckoned with when it comes to native people’s rights and protection. By his youthful arrogant words he turned his back on Tarrinaysa and wed not one but two human females and set into motion events that still haunt Tarrinaysa almost eleven thousand years later. The second human-bride utter a damnation that ‘all who carry the blood of the hunter of the wolf shall never remain in human form’, creating The Cursed Ones, those now known as the Eudorian and Calanthian people, Shape-Shifters and Hybrids. All he wants now is to correct the wrongs he personally did to Tarrinaysa. But first he has to get her to remain in one place long enough for him to be able to put his desires into play.
This lovely couple -I use that term when I actually like them, at the moment I adore them, but when I start writing about then again I won’t *snicker*- has given me fits that would make a weaker person stomp and scream or rant and rave while pulling their hair out at the roots. I love them to death. I really do and want their story told to one and all. Because of them I have this series of stories that catch people’s imagination and leave them waiting for more. Or so I’ve been told, I’m not tooting my own horn I’m just relaying onto you what I’ve been told by most of those who’ve been privy to what I’ve written over the years. *grin* Now you have to understand, the ancient god and goddess are twin siblings -keeping with the tradition of inter-sibling-marriage with the deities- which has made many cringe in horror that I would even consider putting something like that in a story. However, I don’t write a romance between Tarrynaysa and Teran, but Tarrinaysa and Nickolai. That doesn’t seem to stop those who want to know more about the god and goddess screaming about incest being morally wrong. It’s the ancient souls within Tarrinaysa and Nickolai that are the siblings, not the couple themselves, just their souls. I’m not condoning it, but I did utilize it in the creation of my series. If they can’t handle it, then they don’t have to read what I am calling the Books Series -Book One: Tarrinaysa the Beginning, Book Two: Creation of a New Race, Book Three: The Birth of Nickolai and book four has no title at the moment I just call it Book Four: Modern History- in which it’s only in the beginning chapters -of Book One: Tarrinaysa the Beginning- that their relationship is brought into light. I will point out the Book Series are NOT romance, but fantasy. It’s what they say, the beginning of it all of everything. The first and most ancient creators of Earth and the events that transpired to bring about what eventually becomes Twin Flames: Soul Bound and all the others. Someone kept telling me I needed a starting point for the deities, well the Book Series is just that, their starting point. *grin*
Since my mind is now running with ideas -at the moment of course- I’m going to stop this post here. I think that’s the way I’ll do the posts about my characters, popping in two couples at a time. Maybe one time will three couples. *smile* We shall see.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Follow Up to Yesterday's Post

Good afternoon! *wave* I wanted to clarify something about yesterday's post. The reason behind my NOT adding my words to those of so many others concerning Twin Flames/Twin Souls. *smile* There are too many contradictions already. Sometimes you just have to read through what you find and decide for yourself. It's what I've had to do as well as many of my friends and family. It's not a matter of what another person says or believes, it's a matter of what you yourself believes. I guess it's like those who believe Mother Nature isn't in control of our lives.
Ummm...HELLO! *waves frantically*...excuse me...but the tornado doesn't stop at the edge of town. Nor does the hurricane change directions when it's about to make landfall. A raging forest fire doesn't care that a major city is in its path of destruction, it's gonna plow straight through without a care for the loss of life and property. That's Mother Nature for you. She's a bitch and she doesn't care what man has created. She's the one in control of what's around us humans.

But like I said, that's my belief. I'm a strange kind of person. *shrug* Which is alright, for me. That is the reason I posted the links instead of starting a debate on what's right and what's wrong. You have to decide for yourself, I can't make the choice for you. I already made mine, years ago when I was still a child. Long before the creation of personal computers and the internet. Ooooops! I just dated myself. *groan* Oh well. *sigh* I'm still Alix and that's all that matters. *chuckle*

I'm not here to call anyone a liar. I'm just here to share something dear to my heart. A piece of who I am and my creation from that. No amount of proof can change the mind of a skeptic. Which isn't what I'm trying to do. To each their own. *shrug* Would it be awesome for everyone to believe in Twin Flames/Twin Souls? Yeah, it would. For the simple fact of the unconditional acceptance and love felt. However, I know it's not possible for everyone to accept and love one another like that. As societies we are taught the opposite. Maybe not intentionally, but through events that shape our lives and thoughts. Whether it's religious beliefs or the inner city. Hell, it's even in the wilds of untamed Alaska and the farmland of the Mid-West United States. We all have our moments when it comes to the unknown. We fear it because we don't understand it. Once we comprehend it it's no longer scary. However, it's taking that step most of us refuse to take. Learnig about the unknown.

Once I have gotten through all my notes, the links and sites I've found I'll compile a list and post it here. In other words, I'll go through each of theirs and find the same traits -because for all of their talking about Twin Flames/Twin Souls NONE of the lists they have are identical. There are a few that have some that are the same and that's what I want to post here. I don't want contradictions and uncertainties. So I'll take the generals they say and generlize them even farther. Not saying they're wrong, just making it easier for others to understand. NO ONE can know exactly how another's soul relationship is going to be or turn out. For the simple fact as we are all different people we are also different souls and have different traits. *shrug* That's my belief anyway. I know people will argue that point and that's fine with me. I don't have to defend myself to them or anyone else for that matter. It's my belief and that's all that counts. I'm an individual, NOT a cookie cutter. What I believe and know to be true for me I feel in my heart as well as my soul. It's that little voice that says you're doing it wrong. They call it your conscious...Jimmy Cricket anyone?...I guess you could say it's that because what's right for you is what's deep inside.

Since I've turned this into a longer post then I originally intended I'm going to hop off the soap box now and go back to writing. It's easier with character then it is with people, at least for the most part, they don't get nasty when their belief systems are being challenged. *sigh* For that reason right there it's easier being a writer then it is an outgoing person who is chatty with everyone they come across. No wonder writers lock themselves away when they have to write. *laugh*

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend everyone!


Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Share of Articles

Instead of running on at the mouth I decided to just share some articles with you all in hopes that the writers/authors of them could explain it better then me. I am horrible when it comes to putting my thoughts out in a coherent manner for others to read and understand. That doesn't count writing a manuscript. However, that is a story revolving around two main characters and not something that is educational. *laugh* I'm told I make a good teacher, I beg to differ. *chuckle* Talking is one thing, typing and blogging is another altogether. So before I start I'd like to point out, I DID NOT WRITE THESE ARTICLES they belong to others, I am just posting their links here. You can read through them and decide for yourself if Twin Flames/Twin Souls are a real relationship.



UnEdited Excert From Twin Flames: Soul Bound

She opened her eyes as a flash of lightening lit the room. Something heavy lay across her and dark strands of hair covered her face. Brushing at them she turned her head and froze.
It hadn’t been a dream.
Trying to settle the flurry of emotions Joy attempted to slide out from under Jay and realized they were still connected. She swallowed a moan as her traitorous body responded to the sexual fissure bouncing around her nerve endings.
“Where are you going?” his voice was gravelly, as if he’d yelled for long periods of time. 
“I need to get up.” Shoving his chest with both hands, she ignored the sizzle of awareness that jarred her system. She needed to get away so she could think. “Please Jay.”
He mumbled something she couldn’t understand but shifted. The friction the movement caused jolted through her body.
“Still want me to get off you?” Jay smiled that pulse racing, lopsided grin and for a millisecond she almost reconsidered.
“Yes please.” Joy kept her gaze locked with his, refusing to back down. She needed space.
“As you wish, baby.” She felt the tremors that shook his body as he pulled away. Her eyes rolled closed as she bit back a heart wrenching cry of separation. “You okay?”
“Fine, I’m fine.” Opening her eyes she pushed into a seated position and scooted to the edge of the mattress. “Get some clothes on. We need to talk.”
“As you command, m’lady.”
Joy snorted and reached for the robe draped over the chair. Shoving her arms in the sleeves she shook her head and started toward the bathroom.
“I’ll wait here until you’re done.”
“Just get some clothes on, Jay.” She closed the bathroom door and leaned back against it.
This wasn’t happening. Jezzaray said none of her family was expected to visit until after the Fourth of July and Joy could use the cabin until then.
Well, your brother is lounging naked in the only bed here, Jezz. What now?
She should’ve known something would work against her getting the silence she required to figure out what to do with Jay and here he was lying between her thighs. Now what?
Breathing in a deep breath, she cleaned up and splashed her face with cold water thankful she had thought to connect the generator before the storm took out the electricity. She caught her reflection in the mirror, brushing her dark blonde tresses back she spotted where Jay’s teeth had scraped the side of her throat.
Now I look like a teenager with a hicky. Grabbing a hair tie she wrapped it around the long strands, securing them at her nape. Hands on her hips, she glared at the image.
Would there be an argument? Joy wasn’t in the mood to quarrel. She hadn’t gotten an opportunity to think about what she was going to do with their connection. Knowing Jay, he’d want a definite answer from her concerning them. She hadn’t come to a conclusion yet.
She knew about ‘reading’ a person had read a few herself. This was different. The type of person she was brought up to be made it hard for others to get a good ‘read’ on her. She, herself, preferred to keep people at arm’s length unless she invited them closer. Something she rarely, if ever, did.
Living her life as a human and doing what they did to learn about each other kept what she was and what she could do invisible. For generations hiding in plain sight was beat into her family. None can have knowledge of the animal in their bloodline, no witnesses. The fear bred into them from a time long ago kept her silent. It didn’t matter what was being said and accepted in the modern era, secrets were still unspoken.
Yet, Jay knew her in a way her family didn’t. He was privy to things she hadn’t told anyone, not even her best-friends. In vivid detail he recited her memories back to her, clearly.
Did he know about the secret she hid from everyone?
It was as if he was inside her mind and body. There was no separation of the two. Could he already possess the information about her genetics? That Joy was a hybrid and actually changed forms into not one animal but two?
Was it probable they were connected in every way?
Were they really one person, one entity, two halves of the same whole?
Inhaling she opened the door. The time for answers had come. It was now or never.