Thursday, November 3, 2011

UnEdited Excert From Twin Flames: Soul Bound

She opened her eyes as a flash of lightening lit the room. Something heavy lay across her and dark strands of hair covered her face. Brushing at them she turned her head and froze.
It hadn’t been a dream.
Trying to settle the flurry of emotions Joy attempted to slide out from under Jay and realized they were still connected. She swallowed a moan as her traitorous body responded to the sexual fissure bouncing around her nerve endings.
“Where are you going?” his voice was gravelly, as if he’d yelled for long periods of time. 
“I need to get up.” Shoving his chest with both hands, she ignored the sizzle of awareness that jarred her system. She needed to get away so she could think. “Please Jay.”
He mumbled something she couldn’t understand but shifted. The friction the movement caused jolted through her body.
“Still want me to get off you?” Jay smiled that pulse racing, lopsided grin and for a millisecond she almost reconsidered.
“Yes please.” Joy kept her gaze locked with his, refusing to back down. She needed space.
“As you wish, baby.” She felt the tremors that shook his body as he pulled away. Her eyes rolled closed as she bit back a heart wrenching cry of separation. “You okay?”
“Fine, I’m fine.” Opening her eyes she pushed into a seated position and scooted to the edge of the mattress. “Get some clothes on. We need to talk.”
“As you command, m’lady.”
Joy snorted and reached for the robe draped over the chair. Shoving her arms in the sleeves she shook her head and started toward the bathroom.
“I’ll wait here until you’re done.”
“Just get some clothes on, Jay.” She closed the bathroom door and leaned back against it.
This wasn’t happening. Jezzaray said none of her family was expected to visit until after the Fourth of July and Joy could use the cabin until then.
Well, your brother is lounging naked in the only bed here, Jezz. What now?
She should’ve known something would work against her getting the silence she required to figure out what to do with Jay and here he was lying between her thighs. Now what?
Breathing in a deep breath, she cleaned up and splashed her face with cold water thankful she had thought to connect the generator before the storm took out the electricity. She caught her reflection in the mirror, brushing her dark blonde tresses back she spotted where Jay’s teeth had scraped the side of her throat.
Now I look like a teenager with a hicky. Grabbing a hair tie she wrapped it around the long strands, securing them at her nape. Hands on her hips, she glared at the image.
Would there be an argument? Joy wasn’t in the mood to quarrel. She hadn’t gotten an opportunity to think about what she was going to do with their connection. Knowing Jay, he’d want a definite answer from her concerning them. She hadn’t come to a conclusion yet.
She knew about ‘reading’ a person had read a few herself. This was different. The type of person she was brought up to be made it hard for others to get a good ‘read’ on her. She, herself, preferred to keep people at arm’s length unless she invited them closer. Something she rarely, if ever, did.
Living her life as a human and doing what they did to learn about each other kept what she was and what she could do invisible. For generations hiding in plain sight was beat into her family. None can have knowledge of the animal in their bloodline, no witnesses. The fear bred into them from a time long ago kept her silent. It didn’t matter what was being said and accepted in the modern era, secrets were still unspoken.
Yet, Jay knew her in a way her family didn’t. He was privy to things she hadn’t told anyone, not even her best-friends. In vivid detail he recited her memories back to her, clearly.
Did he know about the secret she hid from everyone?
It was as if he was inside her mind and body. There was no separation of the two. Could he already possess the information about her genetics? That Joy was a hybrid and actually changed forms into not one animal but two?
Was it probable they were connected in every way?
Were they really one person, one entity, two halves of the same whole?
Inhaling she opened the door. The time for answers had come. It was now or never.

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