Friday, November 4, 2011

Follow Up to Yesterday's Post

Good afternoon! *wave* I wanted to clarify something about yesterday's post. The reason behind my NOT adding my words to those of so many others concerning Twin Flames/Twin Souls. *smile* There are too many contradictions already. Sometimes you just have to read through what you find and decide for yourself. It's what I've had to do as well as many of my friends and family. It's not a matter of what another person says or believes, it's a matter of what you yourself believes. I guess it's like those who believe Mother Nature isn't in control of our lives.
Ummm...HELLO! *waves frantically*...excuse me...but the tornado doesn't stop at the edge of town. Nor does the hurricane change directions when it's about to make landfall. A raging forest fire doesn't care that a major city is in its path of destruction, it's gonna plow straight through without a care for the loss of life and property. That's Mother Nature for you. She's a bitch and she doesn't care what man has created. She's the one in control of what's around us humans.

But like I said, that's my belief. I'm a strange kind of person. *shrug* Which is alright, for me. That is the reason I posted the links instead of starting a debate on what's right and what's wrong. You have to decide for yourself, I can't make the choice for you. I already made mine, years ago when I was still a child. Long before the creation of personal computers and the internet. Ooooops! I just dated myself. *groan* Oh well. *sigh* I'm still Alix and that's all that matters. *chuckle*

I'm not here to call anyone a liar. I'm just here to share something dear to my heart. A piece of who I am and my creation from that. No amount of proof can change the mind of a skeptic. Which isn't what I'm trying to do. To each their own. *shrug* Would it be awesome for everyone to believe in Twin Flames/Twin Souls? Yeah, it would. For the simple fact of the unconditional acceptance and love felt. However, I know it's not possible for everyone to accept and love one another like that. As societies we are taught the opposite. Maybe not intentionally, but through events that shape our lives and thoughts. Whether it's religious beliefs or the inner city. Hell, it's even in the wilds of untamed Alaska and the farmland of the Mid-West United States. We all have our moments when it comes to the unknown. We fear it because we don't understand it. Once we comprehend it it's no longer scary. However, it's taking that step most of us refuse to take. Learnig about the unknown.

Once I have gotten through all my notes, the links and sites I've found I'll compile a list and post it here. In other words, I'll go through each of theirs and find the same traits -because for all of their talking about Twin Flames/Twin Souls NONE of the lists they have are identical. There are a few that have some that are the same and that's what I want to post here. I don't want contradictions and uncertainties. So I'll take the generals they say and generlize them even farther. Not saying they're wrong, just making it easier for others to understand. NO ONE can know exactly how another's soul relationship is going to be or turn out. For the simple fact as we are all different people we are also different souls and have different traits. *shrug* That's my belief anyway. I know people will argue that point and that's fine with me. I don't have to defend myself to them or anyone else for that matter. It's my belief and that's all that counts. I'm an individual, NOT a cookie cutter. What I believe and know to be true for me I feel in my heart as well as my soul. It's that little voice that says you're doing it wrong. They call it your conscious...Jimmy Cricket anyone?...I guess you could say it's that because what's right for you is what's deep inside.

Since I've turned this into a longer post then I originally intended I'm going to hop off the soap box now and go back to writing. It's easier with character then it is with people, at least for the most part, they don't get nasty when their belief systems are being challenged. *sigh* For that reason right there it's easier being a writer then it is an outgoing person who is chatty with everyone they come across. No wonder writers lock themselves away when they have to write. *laugh*

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend everyone!


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