Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Preparing for Thanksgiving Day

As of this moment I'm supposed to be putting together the pies and treats my family looks forward to on the coming holiday. *grin* Instead I'm sitting here typing away on a blog post. *laugh* See what happens when you mix a writer with a person who detests cooking? You get a procrastinator of my proportions. I will of course eventually step away from these keys to do my duty and prep the food for tomorrow, until then I'll sit here and tick away about nothing in particular. *smirk*
I've gotten some good feedback concerning Twin Flames: Soul Memory so fingers crossed on that one. *wink* However, the rewriting older ones has stalled at the moment. *grin* Sorry, getting sidetracked is a favorite past time of mine. I will get back to them...I hope! *laugh*

Nickolai and Tarrinaysa...those two are running rampant in my mind again as their story only got so far last year and STOPPED! Talk about cheerfully strangling them is an understatment of epic proportions. *groan* But since they are the beginning of all that I have created it seems they are -once again- tickling my imagination. So I've stopped by their story -Immortal Choice- and started taking a small peek around. When dealing with TWO deities like them it's not an easy thing...juat sayin'. I think I may have found the solution to their bickering and my writers block -concerning them anyway. *smirk* I'll go back and take it the route it was supposed to originally. Before I got the feedback that did nothing for my writing and everything for why I should stop and never try to write again. *chuckle* Seriously, I am taking back the original and putting it back in the order as to which it was created to start. Nickolai and Tarrinaysa's soul bond was supposed to bring about the matching of other Twin Flames. That's the myth I created for them. So that's what I'm going back to. It'll take some time and prep on my part -as the original is lost to the recycle bin years ago- but I have all the notes in my mind. Thankfully that part doesn't have a recycle bin, or I'd be a screwed writer! *laugh* Eventually I'll have their tale told and they can spend the rest of their immortals lives tormenting each other and having wild crazy sex. *rolls eyes* THAT seems to be the only area of their relationship that DOESN'T need work! *snicker*

So, now it's time for me to be a good adult and start on those pies and other treats everyone enjoys. I'm sure this won't be the last time I sit here today and chatter away about nothing interesting. But it gives me a moment of peace with the words that refuse to stop even when you have the day booked and none of it has to do with writing! *laugh*

Have a great holiday everyone!!

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