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Couples: Jay and Joy & Tarrinaysa & Nickolai

Hello everyone. *waves* Since I’m horrible when it comes to talking about myself I’ll talk about my characters. Hopefully you will eventually meet them all in their own stories. Some have been written already while others are in the works and still some are just ideas flittering around in my cluttered brain. *laugh*
First off…
Jay and Joy, my first ones -Twin Flames: Soul Bound- with a contract through MuseItUp Publishing. Jay Silverthrone is an Alpha male for only one female and that’s his divine mate Joy Lyons-Morgan. Jay is a tattoo artist and a hybrid from the island country of Calanthia (another one of my creations). Yes, he can change his forms into those of animals, four to be exact. One is the extinct Dire-Wolf the other three are of the feline variety, a black panther, Siberian tiger and a cougar respectively. He’s a quiet man and hard to get to know. Only a select few have the opportunity to be counted as his close friends and those are of his siblings and a couple friends he grew up with. He’s stubborn when something -someone- has his interest and they are spending too much time thinking things over. He is also very loyal to those of whom he calls friend. Normally he jumps right in with both before fully contemplating if the choice is a good one or not, until he hears Joy’s voice on the other end of the phone. Then the cool confident male he’s always been vanishes which leaves him strumbling around in the uncharted territory of Twin Flames. Joy Lyons-Morgan is an Alpha female who will only ever submit to one male and that’s her divine match Jay Silverthorne. She’s a waitress at a local club with dreams of opening her own dance club. She’s lived her life in the vastness in the state of Wyoming. She is a hybrid of a different variety in a family of non-shifting mortals. It’s a secret she fears being found out. Her entire life has been spent in the shadows of her true identity all while pretending to be someone she’s not for the sake of safety. She’s an outgoing extrovert who keeps everyone at arms’ length for her protection as well as her own sanity. Only a couple have ever been allowed close enough to her to know what she’s thinking and believes. She’s stubborn and cautious when it comes to decisions being made. Cool and collected when it pertains to emotions, control is her thing. Not over people but over herself. Mastery is what keeps the animals at bay and locks her to the non-shifting human world. However, all that changes when Jay whispers her name across the phone lines. Leaving her to wonder and try to figure things out without a manual as a guide.
This couple has three books dedicated to their Twin Flame relationship, a present, past and future. Since Soul Bound is their present, the others fall in line from there. Soul Memory is their past and the third one -is still unnamed as of yet- is their future.
Tarrinaysa and Nickolai are the very, VERY first -and oldest- of my creations. They’ve been fluttering around in my creative mind for YEARS. I put the emphasis on ‘very’ and ‘years’ because they’ve been there from the first moment I started telling stories to my younger siblings and cousins. They are the basis of the -monster- series I’ve created. Without them there is nothing for the others to follow. Tarrinaysa D’Orian is a Fey Princess who becomes the Immortal Fey Queen and eventually the Living Goddess. A deity of ancient times her pantheon is so old all others followed in their lead. She carries three souls, giving her a duality others don’t have. The dormant soul of a God-Killer, the ancient soul of a goddess -Tarrynaysa Ambrozia, the Ancient Goddess of Life, the Beginning and Ending- and finally the new young soul she was born with making her a member of The First Ones -the Fey- created to populate the Earth.  In modern times she’s known as Tarrin Dorian, billionaire who owns and operates exclusive dance clubs around the world. She’s been a Fey War Lord and brought entire countries to their knees and the brink of extinction by her sword and now she’s a fashionista with the proper decorum that irkes the rulers of the world. She doesn’t bend to anyone…even the one who divinely matches her in every way. Nickolai D’Lyons was born Wolf Hunter the destined divine mate of Tarrinaysa who by her blood becomes the Delphian Prince of legend and myth. He too carries the souls of three beings in his form. One the dormant soul of a God-Killer another the ancient soul of a god -Teran Ambroze, the Ancient God of Life, the Beginning and Ending- and finally the young soul he was born with making him a member of the Fey-kin. In modern times he’s known as Nickolai D’Lyons, a force to be reckoned with when it comes to native people’s rights and protection. By his youthful arrogant words he turned his back on Tarrinaysa and wed not one but two human females and set into motion events that still haunt Tarrinaysa almost eleven thousand years later. The second human-bride utter a damnation that ‘all who carry the blood of the hunter of the wolf shall never remain in human form’, creating The Cursed Ones, those now known as the Eudorian and Calanthian people, Shape-Shifters and Hybrids. All he wants now is to correct the wrongs he personally did to Tarrinaysa. But first he has to get her to remain in one place long enough for him to be able to put his desires into play.
This lovely couple -I use that term when I actually like them, at the moment I adore them, but when I start writing about then again I won’t *snicker*- has given me fits that would make a weaker person stomp and scream or rant and rave while pulling their hair out at the roots. I love them to death. I really do and want their story told to one and all. Because of them I have this series of stories that catch people’s imagination and leave them waiting for more. Or so I’ve been told, I’m not tooting my own horn I’m just relaying onto you what I’ve been told by most of those who’ve been privy to what I’ve written over the years. *grin* Now you have to understand, the ancient god and goddess are twin siblings -keeping with the tradition of inter-sibling-marriage with the deities- which has made many cringe in horror that I would even consider putting something like that in a story. However, I don’t write a romance between Tarrynaysa and Teran, but Tarrinaysa and Nickolai. That doesn’t seem to stop those who want to know more about the god and goddess screaming about incest being morally wrong. It’s the ancient souls within Tarrinaysa and Nickolai that are the siblings, not the couple themselves, just their souls. I’m not condoning it, but I did utilize it in the creation of my series. If they can’t handle it, then they don’t have to read what I am calling the Books Series -Book One: Tarrinaysa the Beginning, Book Two: Creation of a New Race, Book Three: The Birth of Nickolai and book four has no title at the moment I just call it Book Four: Modern History- in which it’s only in the beginning chapters -of Book One: Tarrinaysa the Beginning- that their relationship is brought into light. I will point out the Book Series are NOT romance, but fantasy. It’s what they say, the beginning of it all of everything. The first and most ancient creators of Earth and the events that transpired to bring about what eventually becomes Twin Flames: Soul Bound and all the others. Someone kept telling me I needed a starting point for the deities, well the Book Series is just that, their starting point. *grin*
Since my mind is now running with ideas -at the moment of course- I’m going to stop this post here. I think that’s the way I’ll do the posts about my characters, popping in two couples at a time. Maybe one time will three couples. *smile* We shall see.

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