Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ramblings at Late Nite

I am sure by now ya'll have figured out that I'm horrible at posting here. *grin* Sorry. But I thought since I was up and nothing was brewing inside my brain -concerning writing that is- I'd drop in here and possibly get rid of the crap that is clogging up my brain cells.

Real life tends to have a negative effect on my creativity *sigh* which is never a good thing for a writer slash author. You know, I don't think I'll ever get used to having that tagline or title attached to my name. That's how new it still is. *chuckle* By the time any of these posts are actually read by readers and followers hopefully I'll be better keeping a blog up. I am working on it. However, I now understand why writers/authors of old locked themselves away from the world and wrote. It's easier...sometimes. *snicker* But this is the digital age and nothing -no one- is hidden for long. If ever at all.

My Content Editor emailed me on Monday so I have a timeframe of when things will start moving forward. Still not sure how to feel about that one. I know I should be excited and jumping for joy. But it's more of a 'okay, more work to do'. Of course not in a bad way. As long as I'm moving forward I'm good -and happy- it's when things get stuck that I start slipping. *smirk* I am only human after all. And as much as many people would love to convince you otherwise, I'm not wonderwoman or superwoman. *sigh* Such is the reality of that which is me, Alix. *laugh* I have my failings and shortcomings just like the next person. Mine just tend to be well hidden. I am an oddity in this world and I don't mind in the least. *smile*

Recently I finished the second book in my Twin Flames series and started on the third. Soul Bound was supposed to the only one about Jay and Joy. However, a close friend pointed out it would be a good thing to add another book. Giving them a past and a future. Besides what there is in Soul Bound. I shook my head and refused...see where that got me? *laugh* Before Soul Bound was even contracted by MuseItUp Publishing I had already started on their second book. Could've really smacked my sister in law for that one. *chuckle* Instead I forged ahead and was determined to get it completed even as I waited for news on Soul Bound. Then a few weeks later while I was getting ready to start work on the chapter 11 of what is now being called Twin Flames: Soul Memory said sister in law mentioned again about it being a good thing to break Soul Memory into two books and leave this one with a major cliff hanger. *jaw drop* So...Soul Memory ended at the end of chapter 8 and the rest of the chapters went into what now has no real name attached to it. It of course will be Twin Flames: Soul...something or other after 'Soul' but that is still in the works. I only have 5 chapters in so it's still playing out. Maybe I'll call it Connection? Or Reconnection? Can't use ReBound because many see that and think negative. I'm sure I'll come up with something that will catch people's attention. Fingers crossed, right? *laugh* I will, I always seem to be able to do that. *smile* Now, that third one will be the final for Jay and Joy. Their past, present and future wrapped up in a nice red bow and I can move onto another set of characters that have been tormenting me since I started writing the thrid know, I REALLY need to find a name for that one. *laugh* Can't keep calling it the third one. It gets boring after a while. Nope, no names. Can't do it, not yet anyway. It has to be approved of by my own twin flame. *smile* Than I might even let them take over and post here like I did Joy. I'm nice like that.

I have also been searching through all my really, really, REALLY old manuscripts to see if I can clean any of them up enough to catch a publisher's eye. Yeah, they're that bad. *laugh* However, that hasn't stopped me before. It just means I have to work harder at making them readable. Ick! That's the scary shit. How in the world did I create a good idea and not be able to write it out the right way? *chuckle* I've learned that much over the years. So I'll just forge ahead and put them together and make them publishable. I can do that. Done it before.

Okay, since I've offically dropped every thought from my head I'm heading off to see what more trouble I can get into. *snicker* I'm good at getting into trouble. I don't even have to go looking for it these days, it finds me! *laugh* So enjoy lovey and don't worry, I'm not always this...random. Honest.


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