Thursday, October 13, 2011


My name is Alix and I'm new to this world of blogging. *smile* Not saying I haven't ever blogged before, just admitting to not having done it on a regular basis. I'm a writer in real life as well as a twin soul. <---- we'll get more into that later on. *wink* I am contracted with MuseItUp Publishing, which I am learning is a different type of publisher and for that I am grateful. They care about writers/authors in a way most publishers don't. They are right when they say without writers/authors you do not have a business. I am pleased to say I am apart of their ever growing family. It makes me smile to know those who said I wouldn't make it can eat their words -or hats- not like I'm the type to dance around and proclaim loudly 'see, I told you so', that's not who I am. I am just a normal average somebody who happened to write a story -book it's called now- that caught someones attention. Again, I am extremely grateful for. *grin* Will it ever settle in my head that I have a contract and am an author now? If you have the answer to that you're farther along then I am. I'm still waiting for the funny little feeling in my stomach to die down and the excitement to dwindle...not that I want that to happen mind you, I'm good for the time being. *smirk*

Since this is an introduction I'd like to share more of myself with you who popped in interested in what I posted. I'm a child of the 1980's and a lover of the music from that era. Not saying I don't enjoy the tunes from the 90's or recently, just stating I'm a major fan of the bands that came into being while I was a child and teenager. Truth be told? I enjoy ALL music. Each song has their own story to tell. Some more fast paced and angry while others are soulful and touching. *sigh* Music is the soundtrack of people lives. It tells you about them in a way nothing else can. It speaks to everyone on all levels. We find friends through music and soul mates also. We party and relax to the notes of each piece. Our daily lives are there for anyone to listen to and hear, with their ears, hearts and yes, even souls. No, I'm not religious I have my own belief system which follows is right for me. *smile*

I'm not into politics or debates, nor am I into changing the world. I'd rather sit back and just enjoy what I've been given. Not saying I'm lazy, by any means, just don't want to put my opinions out there to be picked apart and cataloged. I'm a person, an individual. Boxes are for items we want to protect and hold onto, not people. There that's my views. *grin*

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