Thursday, October 13, 2011

My name is Joy

Hello everyone! *wave* My name is Joy Lyons-Morgan. A character created by the innovative Alix. She gave me access to her blog here so I could just chatter on about whatever caught my fancy. *laugh* If she only knew the trouble I could cause with unlimited access like that! *snicker* Since Alix wrote my story I figure I could give you all a little bit of background on myself. Ready? *raises eye brows*

First of all, I'm not human. At least not in the sense you think and/or believe. I'm a hybrid of sorts. In part a mythological creature thought not to have ever existed. *smirk* Well, people, I exist as do many others like myself. We live among you. Safely ensconced in your communities. We're like you in many ways. Which helps us to hide out in the open. *shrug* It's easier now in modern times then when my ancestors roamed the lands. Science is a wondrous thing...well, when it works hand and hand with insisting my kin aren't real. However, that is also its draw back. How can I say I exist when science says I don't. *sigh* One of the lingering questions that are tiresome at best. Maybe I should just give you the basis of who I am and leave the tech stuff to those who have the IQ for it? *clears throat* That's something I don't have, by the way. An IQ high enough to answer questions like that. *chuckle* I'm smart, just not THAT smart. *smile* Here's my intro...remember one thing...keep your mind open. If you can think outside the box to anything is possible then all is comprehendable.

I have lived my entire life between the worlds of those living and non-existence. Straddling the lines of what is real to everyone and what's real to me. A Hybrid I learned to be ‘normal’ like everyone else. Distant family members of mine were hunted and killed as witches and were-wolves, so hiding was a way of life. Silence is my friend and open honesty my foe. Certain areas of learning were taught by grandmothers who spoke of myths and legends. Tales of bygone eras and stories of unrealistic love coveted by all and found by a select few. It was my mother with whom the struggle began and continued throughout much of my life. To have the wholeness I sought, according to her, I had to marry within the Christian church a God-fearing man and bear him children. It felt wrong to me. Everything she spoke of as being real and the right way wasn’t true for me. I felt like I was lying and pretending. I locked part of myself away from the light it needed to grow and only survived, I no longer lived life. Until I heard his voice on the other end of the phone. I had a decision to make and no one could aid me in this. Only I knew the truth and what was right for me. Even as many thought it was selfish and inconsiderate I had to follow my heart as well as my soul.

Now, I know you're asking following your heart is understandable, but your soul? *laugh* Yeah, it's not the soul most religions speak of though. This is a part of you, the deeper part of who you are underneath the skin. The piece of you that makes up who you truly are. Example: I'm stubborn in a way I will continue to fight something if I think it's wrong. I won't bow to peer pressure or to a 'fad'. I am also determined to a point I don't easily bend. Sometimes even when I'm given proof I need to do it another way, I will continue to try other ways before I finally cave and admit I'm doing it wrong. These aren't bad traits, although they can be annoying at times. *chuckle* Just ask Jay. He knows full well about both of those. I used them against him...often. Each of us know what we are deep within. Only you can find those answers, that's what I had to do for me.

So since I have left you some answered questions I'll now leave you with just one more. *grin* Do you know who your Twin Flame is? Can you feel them? If you can, you're a lot closer then many other people are right now.

I'm off to annoy Jay now. *smirk* Alix is tapping her foot waiting patiently for me to finish. *shakes head* I'm sure I'll be back on.

~Joy Lyons-Morgan

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