Thursday, October 13, 2011

Anonymous Male Twin Flame

My Twin Flame is a female who has lived her life in the shadows of the world. I have always known she was alive and wondered when we would cross paths. It wasn’t until my sister befriended her and talked me into reading her work did I find her. It was the most painful moment in my life. I thought I had endured agony before, but this was unlike anything I had ever known. She was older, married with children. Completely out of my reach and yet I loved and desired her above all others. But she treated me like a child, acting as if I didn’t know what I was feeling. That all it was was a crush on an older woman. Nothing more. I wanted her to feel for me what I felt for her. I desired to hear my name on her lips. Not the one everyone called me, but the name I was given at birth. I let my walls fall and made love to her through the connection we shared. Fear she would walk away taunted me but I couldn’t stop. I needed her to know and feel me as a man worthy of her love and affection. She needed to see me as a man and not a child. I was the other half of her soul, her mirror image and exact opposite. Our struggles were numerous but each night I would fully connect with her and remove the distance between us. I soothed her hurts and corrected many wrongs done to her. Her presence calmed and settled a part of me I hadn’t thought would ever be at peace with life.

I will not share my name or the female who matches me, just know she exists and I can feel every breath she takes and each tear she cries. She's so much apart of me I live because of her. I fight for her. I would do anything she asks of me including live in a life I have wanted to escape from for as long as I can remember. She's beautiful, my light in the darkness.

I found this while I was searching through the notes I've taken over the years and thought I'd share it with you all. It's an interesting view from the male perspective of his Twin Flame relationship. I'll have to follow up on this one as time goes by. Just to see where they are since it's been a while since I talked to him.


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