Friday, February 15, 2013


Has anyone ever wondered how we become reliant on other people, or just things in general? I've been wondering that recently. Yeah, the strange shit that wanders through your mind when you're sick, it's flippin' crazy! Anyway...Recently I've tried to figure out how I became reliant on certain things. Like, a computer, or music. Normally people don't see those things as addictions or items you can rely on. However, if you didn't have either, well, you'd miss them. I know I would. Even as a writer who can write as long as I have a piece of paper and pencil, I'm good to go. Now, if my hands stopped working like with RA, then I'd need my computer. As for music...well, I use tunes to transport me to another place deep within myself. The place where I create everything. I know, sounds crazy, huh? It does, but when it's what you've done for many years, if not decades, you realize you've become reliant.

So since I've bored you with something completely unrelated to writing I'll go back into my hole in the wall and see what other things I've relied on over the years. Have a good one ya'll!!


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